Hi Brian,
On  behalf of St Saviours Bowls Club, thank you very much for your quick and efficient service regarding our order

John Le Goff
posted 17 May 2022
posted 18 March 2022

Hi Brian,

Great service and great price. Bowls were exactly as described and great value.”



David Butler

I have taken delivery today of my “new” Drakes Pride bowls, and I am delighted with them!    Thank you.
The service I received from you was excellent……….UPS  were supposed to deliver them the day after I purchased my bowls.  They didn’t arrive so I phoned you and you took my tracking number and got back to me straightaway to say they would be delivered the following day.     
I had a phone call from you this morning to confirm that my bowls would be delivered today, and hey presto, when I got back from my club, the bowls had arrived!

I can thoroughly recommend your company for your attention to detail and the efficiency in getting my bowls delivered.

Happy bowling, and many thanks
Rosemary Warren

Rosemary Warren
posted 17 March 2022


I am delighted with my recent purchase of Taylor Vector VS bowls.

The bowls are in excellent condition, as advertised, and the UPS delivery service was great.

I would feel confident in recommending you and your company to anyone who is looking for a set of bowls.

Many Thanks

Phil Rowe

Phil Rowe
posted 16 March 2022

 Good Evening Brian,

 Received bowls today very pleased, the condition exactly as stated, good value for money.

 Kindest Regards,


Renny Bannister
posted 25 January 2022

Hi Brian,

Just wanted to let you know we received the set of bowls.

They are in better condition that my husband had hoped. 

All is good.  Thank you so much!  

April Hart

April Hart
posted 24 January 2022

Hi Brian,

Got my new bowls on Tuesday and they look great. I tried them out on Wednesday at the local indoor

bowling and I am very happy with them.

Regards, Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle
posted 13 January 2022

Hi Brian 

Bowls  (Aero Sonics 1.5H )were received this morning in excellent condition and packaging.

They fit the bill perfectly as I have downsized from a 3.

Thanks for a fair price, prompt delivery and service. 

Use this for a testimonial if you want as I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase.

Thanks again, Jane Conway

Jane Conway
posted 17 December 2021

Hi Brian

Many thanks for my Vector Bowls which I received today (Friday). Excellent service.

Woods are great and hopefully will improve my game.

I will put up your flyer in our club and recommend you to other bowlers.

Thanks again.

John Green
posted 10 December 2021

Hi Brian

Received my bowls today via DHL as promised. Very pleased with them and hopefully I can improve my game.

Love the colour.

As I’ve purchased bowls from you before I had no hesitation in buying again.

Many thanks regards 


Peter Dale
posted 7 December 2021


Just received my bowls they look fantastic

Hopefully help to improve my game 

Regards Lesley

Lesley Cornish
posted 1 December 2021

Hi Brian
Thank you for prompt attention.
Bowls arrived today and looking forward to playing with them.
They are in great condition and  great colour.I will put your flier up in club and will .
Certainly recommend BBBowls.
Hazel Higgins

Hazel Higgins
posted 20 November 2021

Hi Brian

Thank you so much, the Aero Profile bowls have arrived and I am really delighted with them, the condition is excellent.  I only ordered them on Wednesday and they were delivered Friday morning, so incredibly fast and very efficient service. I shall certainly recommend you to other bowlers.
Again with my thanks, and kind regards


posted 19 November 2021

Thank you for sending those green Dreamline size 2H bowls, they are as described and I think they will suit me well. 

I have dealt with you before, and your service is first class.

I have placed your flyer on the notice board at Church Gresley indoor bowls club and I am happy to recommend you.

My very best regards,

John S Grimley

John S Grimley
posted 17 November 2021

Hi Brian

The beautiful Drakes Pride bowls and bag have arrived today. Amazing customer service as I only ordered them late on Sunday evening and they arrived Tuesday afternoon! 

You have been so helpful and the quality is super, so I would not hesitate to recommend anyone looking for bowls to shop with you. 

Can't wait to get out and play with my new bowls.

Best Regards

Marie Patten

Marie Patten
posted 26 October 2021

Hi Brian

Thanks for the good service bowls are excellent got my stickers on ready to give them a try tomorrow then hope to be in full use next week when playing at backend .

Thanks for the trading in happy with price both ways.


Toni Asher
posted 20 October 2021

Hi Brian

Pleased with my Taylor Ace Bowls I had from you excellent condition.

Delivery within 48hrs of purchase excellent.

Will put Flyer up in my outdoor & indoor clubs 



David Bonham
posted 29 September 2021

Hi Brian.

Bowls have been delivered at 2pm today. I am very Happy with them, love the colour.

Yes, I will try and put your details up at the club.

Sorry for doubting the delivery .


Philip Brumpton
posted 24 September 2021

Hi Brian, Just to let you know that the bowls +£15 arrived safely this morning, once again many thanks for the excellent service you have provided.

Kind regards


Andrew Jolliffe
posted 22 September 2021

Brian, my bowls have just arrived, thank you so much they are fabulous . Thank you so much for your prompt service. 

Kind regards


Helen Payne
posted 17 September 2021

Good afternoon Brian   

Bowls have just arrived excellent condition, 

Delivery less than 48hrs after order. what a great service you provide  

Thank you 

George Morrison

George Morrison
posted 3 September 2021

Hi Brian


Just to say the bowls have arrived today as promised via dhl . I’m absolutely delighted with them, far better than I actually  expected and in excellent condition. 


The customer service I have received is extremely professional and impressive and a delight to do business with.


It’s rare to find these days a actual company doing business without trying to exploit the Covid situation! I therefore have to congratulate you .


I have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to my friends and club members .


Kind regards

Mr J Donohoe 


John Donohoe
posted 1 September 2021

Hi Brian,

From ordering, to receiving bowls, very impressive and quick response! Very well packaged indeed, and bowls in extremely excellent condition!

In my reckoning, I have saved quite a bit of money, as they are almost as good as new ones!

Will endeavour to get your poster up in our clubhouse ! Will keep you informed of this!

Regards Ray Curtis.

Ray Curtis
posted 30 August 2021

Dear Brian,

Thank you. My new bowls arrived this afternoon just in time for me to show them off at our club night this evening. I am absolutely thrilled and delighted, both with your service and the bowls themselves. I’ve put your flyer on our notice board, too!

I was in a complete panic two  days ago, having been told to get ‘in date’ bowls in order to progress to the next round of the Ladies Top Club competition. New bowls are expensive and almost impossible to get hold of. I bought these thinking they were date stamped until 2025. I was being delighted to find they had been restamped until 2030! All my problems have evaporated. 

I’ve practised with them this afternoon, and have three more matches before  the big game next week. They are just what I expected, draw-wise, and are pretty enough to be the envy of the whole club!

Thank you again. I am a very happy customer. Please feel free to quote me in any reviews. 

With best wishes,

Jacqueline Davies

Jacqueline Davies
posted 27 August 2021

Hi Brian
Ordered my bowls on Monday and they arrived on Thursday!

Absolutely delighted with my brand new Vector V’s in red with blue sparkles!!

Thank you so much for a fabulous service
Julie Swan
North Shields West End Bowling Club

Julie Swan
posted 29 June 2021

HI Brian .

I have just received my new Blaze Bowls and may i say  i am very impressed with them.

I would just like to say the service you provide is excellent from the speed of delivery to the ease of use of your website.

I will gladly put your flyer on my club notice board and will not hesitate to use your services in the future.

Roy Gosport. 

Roy Gosport
posted 24 June 2021
posted 18 June 2021

Excellent In very pleased with the bowls and your quick service and delivery 

Thank you

William McGowan

Your service was excellent, easy to order with prompt delivery. The bowls are ideal for me and after just two games my bowling has significantly improved.
From a very happy man,

Peter Reeves
posted 18 June 2021


Thank you, great service, brilliant.


Chris Dewar
posted 17 June 2021


Thank you for an excellent service at a reasonable price.

Mick D

posted 10 June 2021
Mick Davis
Steven Elliott


Received the bowls this morning – fantastic bowls and a great service.

Thank you very much


posted 4 June 2021

Hi Brian,

The bowls arrived on time and they look like new.

First class service and bowls.

Thank you. 

Steve Barry.

Steve Barry
posted 3 June 2021

Hi Brian, 

I was delighted to receive my bowls today just a few days after ordering.

The service from yourself has been superb but more importantly, the quality of the bowls I received are fantastic. 

Excellent work and please use this as a review as I had difficulty leaving any comments on your website.  

Best Regards, 


posted 29 May 2021

Hi Brian,

Bowls arrived this morning.

Service has been great and bowls are just as you described.

Many thanks


posted 28 May 2021

Hi Brian

Thank you for your excellent service.

Bowls delivered and picked up as per instructions. Money received quickly for sale of old bowls.

Highly recommended.



posted 27 May 2021
posted 14 May 2021

Hi Brian,

The woods have arrived now thank you and I am very pleased with them,  I think I will enjoy playing with them as the grip is much more secure than my previous ones and hope they bring me some good luck.

I will pin the flyer on our notice board when I next attend my club.

Many Thanks 


Thelma Orberson

Hi Brian,

Received the bowls today, great service as usual. Will put flyer up at club.

Just a point for anyone wanting delivery to Spain they charged me 31.24 euros import tax to get them from Correos.

Thanks again for a great job well done.


posted 13 May 2021

Hi Brian

Bowls arrived this morning 0930. Excellent service all round from start to finish. What a service! Bowls as described and what a credit to the bowls industry..

Thank you again Brian.

Stay healthy and continue your good work.


Don Brearley
posted 13 May 2021

Hi Brian

I just received my new Taylor bowls today, I am absolutely delighted with them. Thanks for the excellent service,  I will be only to happy to put your flyer up in my club.

Thanks again

Andy Johnston

Andy Johnston
posted 25 April 2021

Hi Brian

Just received my bowls and I love, love, love them.    I don't need Grippo to hold them and they fit really comfortably in my hand.

Once again thank you for your patience and advice, 

Kind Regards

Trish Thomas

Trish Thomas
posted 02 Feb 2021
Colin Betts 
Lawrence Duffy
Tony Harwood
posted Nov 27 2020

Hi Brian, my bowls were delivered on time as promised, thank you for a first class service.

The bowls look excellent and you would not think they were second hand, I cannot wait to start using them.

Regards Graham B.

Graham B
posted Oct 30, 2020
John Harding-D
posted Oct 13, 2020

Just wanted to say how delighted I am with my bowls which arrived this morning. The service from order to delivery was super fast and so easy. My husband is hoping to purchase a new set later in the year so rest assured we know where to come! Thank you, Teresa Carley.

Teresa Carley
posted Sept 17, 2020

Thanks Brian, received the bowls this morning, excellent bowls as described. From making an enquiry on Saturday night and receiving them on Tuesday morning is a very good service. Once again thanks very much. Regards Colin

posted Mar 29, 2020

Hi Brian The bowls have arrived safely and we are very pleased with them, thank you. Regards Carol

Carol Farrall
posted Mar 19, 2020

Morning Brian just received my bowls and couldn't be more pleased can't wait to use them. Congrats on a great service. Regards Brian

Brian Harrison
posted Mar 19, 2020

Thank you for the bowls which i received at 9 15 this morning.I am very pleased with the quality of them and the service you provided.Thanks again.John

John Shanks
posted Mar 17, 2020

Hi Brian I have received my new bowls (Taylor Blaze 2) and I am very pleased with them. I was planning to start using them as we move outside for the summer season but this week I decided to give them a try on our Deal Club indoor 3/4 size rinks for a competition round and they played a treat! I am looking forward to using them outdoors next month. It can’t happen soon enough so let’s hope the weather dries up and the sun shines.Enjoy a good summer season on the green. Regards Pauline

Pauline M
posted Mar 05, 2020

Hi Brian, Thank you, we are pleased with both sets of secondhand bowls, we played with them for the first time today, and they were great. Delivery service was great too, arrived on the day stated, and because we were going to be out we used the option to collect them from the Sainsburys where we shop. Success all round! julie

Julie R
posted Feb 29, 2020

Hi Brian, the bowls arrived today at 5pm They are in great condition Many thanks for another great experience Regards Joe

Joe K
posted Feb 04, 2020

Good Afternoon,my bowls arrived safe and sound and I must say they look brand new.Your service is second to none and would recommend your business to anyone. Lawrence

posted Jan 30 2020

Hi Brian. Received my bowls today they look great can't wait to try them out many thanks J.

James Sutton
posted Jan 28 2020

Hi Brian

Thank you so much for the speed in which you got my new bowls to me.  They arrived about ten minutes before I was due to go to a practise

session.  I am already bowling reasonably well with them so it can only get better in time. have just recommended you to a bowling colleague, so hopefully he will have a look at your website soon.

All best wishes

John Harding-D

Hi Brian, the set of Tiger 2s just arrived as promised thankyou.They are in excellent condition, just as you described.Hope I can do them justice!

Regards.Tony Harwood